Modernized Water System to Bring Potable Water to Runruno Community

Amid company’s need for potable water supply, the Runruno residents stand to benefit from the water supply system project that FCF Minerals has begun constructing in September. FCF is building a water treatment plant that could supply clean water to the company’s permanent camp and to the community.

Need for clean water

FCF is aware of the need by the community for clean, potable water.

Presently, the residents of Runruno source out their water supply from springs, rivers and deep well pumps. FCF had fixed some of these structures as part of its community development projects. But the water supplies do not undergo any form of water treatment and can collect bacteria that cause various illnesses of the digestive system.



Corporate Responsibility

FCF Minerals works to add value to the communities we operate within, and believe that by being an excellent corporate citizen we can optimise the long-term prosperity of both the local people and our shareholders. READ MORE

Runruno Gold-Molybdenum Project

Our target is to develop a world class mining and mineral processing project by conducting work in a safe and environmentally responsible manner to industry best practices. This will provide a brighter future and make a positive difference to the community. READ MORE